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                 Oath , and parade of the guard. Being the first held in the year 2496 and held continuously since 2504, on the occasion . Celebrations. His Majesty the King To date 80 years he led the army. We bind the soldiers . Solemnly declare Wallop Pobal unto thee the boom .
Originally the festival was not held annually . If , however, organizers time to time as the Department of Defense or the Army to determine. Notes that appear to have This ceremony begins first -year reign in 2496 the latter Chom Phon strange. Prime Minister Phibun Held by On the foundation of today Infantry Regiment 1st Guards Company (r. one waiting . ), Which falls on November 11 and in return the grace of His Majesty the King graciously Thongchai Chalerm . Chalerm Thongchai to replace the original. The General Krit Sivara commanders JV.1 wait . Located in a parade convoy commanders . And soldiers under JV.1 wait . Before his parade.
After the time had come steadily for several years . The latter Chom Phon Sarit . Prime Minister Dhanarajata Was determined to be glorifying God on the occasion of the King 's Head and Queen Sirikit. Queen Proceed metropolitan Niwat After completing his royal duties in the visited countries . Europe and the U.S. The parade was organized by the Army, Navy and Air Force on 21 January 2504 the government announced it to be. " Your Majesty the King Day Anthem ," but those three soldiers dressed in uniforms of the Army. Title not uniform
Later in the same year on December 5 Chom Phon Sarit Dhanarajata having commanded the 1st Brigade of the Guards ( 1st Gen. waiting .) Held their oath and parade of the guard. On the occasion 's Birthday The first The lifeguard units in total attended the 8th Battalion of the 2nd Department of parades.
Department Parade 1 of 4 battalions .
- Department of Cadets Cadet King Chulalongkorn (Department Nnr . Wait . School. Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy . ) Of the 1st Battalion .
- Infantry Regiment 1st Guards (R. 1 waiting . ) Of the 3rd Battalion .
Department Parade 2 of 4 battalions .
- 11th Guards Infantry Regiment (R. 11 waiting . ) Of the 1st Battalion .
- Battalion 1st Cavalry Guards ( 1 billion m waiting . ) Of 1st Battalion ( in those times did not attend the ceremony) .
- Guards Artillery Battalion 1 (Primary 1 billion waiting . ) Of the 1st Battalion .
- 1st Battalion Guards (front of thousands of one waiting . ) Of the 1st Battalion .

Since then, Their oath and we parades . Held in the Jubilee Birthday Honours this year was held annually at the palace courtyard after the King graciously binds . Assigned to the 3rd day of December of every year as the day of the ceremony due to the holiday had foundered in the Birthday Honours . In the meantime, ( 4 and 6 December) had several royal duties in connection with the ceremonial celebration of the year of birth .
Later in 2525 the prison authorities in the region and the other is Army , Navy and Air Force have joined with the ceremony . Then schedule the attendance increased from 8 brigades to 12 brigades divided into 4 Department of parades , Department of the three battalions , each battalion parade consisting of infantry marching 144 Master ( not row 12x12) among bugle 8 Mr. Moo invited Chai Chalerm 4 officers . and one battalion commander said since the year 2530 , the 1st Cavalry Brigade guard has provided troops riding in attendance . The battalion has increased to attend 12 +1 Cavalry Battalion by battalion will be the last in the procession parade.
Sequence their oath states .

1 . The guard, the 12th Battalion at the rally point on Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue .
Two . Artillery Brigade began firing flares all 12 military parade along Ratchadamnoen road to the palace courtyard . Then wait for the caption.
. 3 councilors to proceed Pavilion .
Four . Was close to the time of His Majesty the King . Mixed commanders ordered troops to the sword . Senior military officers from the Pavilion to the head of the line waiting to greet the mixed fleet .
. 5 King With Queen Sirikit . Queen And HRH Crown Prince Princess Maha Wachira device. Prince Proceed with door gods motor yacht club . The captains mix order saluting him respect. Orchestra played the anthem Bugle sounded to end the third gave the captains bowed out of the running to head a military compound to give a report.
. 6 at the end of the anthem played . The captains gave mixed reports and summoned Proceed He told the people parade.
Seven . His Majesty the King and the people , with the parade . Force mix, and senior military officers tours . Thongchai Patrick Marsh Orchestra music . Then proceed up the Pavilion .
Eight . Mixing dismissed the captains sword. Army Correspondence presented receivership The oath of their program offerings .
9th . Infantry bugle sounded the signal to prepare . Among Chai Chalerm invited out to the front row at the flag . To the tabernacle
10th . Infantry bugle sounded the signal to walk among the flags at the Raising the Flag on foot elevation change to the tabernacle. Mix until the orchestra music , all together before the tabernacle.
11th . Senior military officers to the forefront Pavilion . His Majesty the Supreme Commander Dedicated flower incense candle raft raft.
12th . Supreme commander said the salute. And the military said solemnly vowed . Then the orchestra played the anthem . All military Honour and sang the anthem dedicated. Artillery fired a salute in honor of 21 shots the beat. In golf , Tiger Woods has released colored balloons and crepe salute.

13th . , His Majesty the king saying military posts . Then the orchestra played the anthem . All military Honour
14th . Among the invited flag Among all back into their ranks . Thongchai Patrick Marsh Orchestra music .
15th . Infantry bugle to signal preparation. Mixed commanders ordered troops to the sword . And ordered a military maneuver at the parade .
16th . Infantry bugle to signal path. The parade through the mixture until all the Pavilion . Orchestra music lice But while the 13 Battalion of the 29th Cavalry Guards , who were attending the parade with them . Orchestra music will change to match King Cotton represented the rhythm of the horse.
17th . Orchestra moved Go to the Pavilion Salute for chorus Which was authored by Army Orchestra . Then proceed to the King and the royal family . Orchestra played the anthem Bugle sounded the signal of Honour 3 finished mixing the captains said the military salute . "Banzai " three times.
18th . Bugle to signal stop line. The captains orders mixed up rows. Orchestra music walking ( Music of Romanus Drug consciousness) .
Solemnly declare the identity of the guard.
May it please Your Majesty His Highness atom Your Majesty the King
- ethanol (Rank - Name - Last Name ) hereby give oath . Imperial Majesty that the
- ethanol Would die to preserve The royalty Of the Crown Prince
- I will be loyal and dedicated to safety. The Majesty and for ever
- ethanol To glorify and maintain the Fame Glory LifeGuard Both behave To be laid to heart. Your Imperial Majesty in all respects
May it please Your Majesty to proclaim the crown
From 2539 onwards, he was graciously binds . The change of the three -day ceremony was held on December 2 date every year His Majesty . And Queen Queen To proceed by a convertible car seat [1 ] Exit Gods Club pages incl. For He is the Chairman of the ceremony. While the parade is the parade . Summon the car 's Thongchai , Thongchai Krabi strategies and the Cruฑpeahs . Preceded by a procession of royal celebration also brought Thongchai infantry units. Participated in the ceremony

In the year 2549-2550 he was graciously binds . To proceed from this event By R.i.l. 960 motor yacht registration with the path of the inner palace . To Sriayuttaya Turn left onto Rama 5 Chitralada back into the doors of the Varuna is Jane . Along the way it has to wait for his subjects have an audience of the king a lot.
Also in the same year Also changed some steps in the oath , and the parade of the guard .
One . Procedures for invoking Chai Chalerm . Be adjusted to differing server queuing problem Chai Chalerm came to the residence before the tabernacle . THB to proceed Majesty arrives. When His Majesty the King of the Parade and the people . To be invited in the next Chai Chalerm because it had invited Chai Chalerm lifeguard units on a total of 36 units (including the parade ) to the protocol solemnly states . Together with the guard, 13 units to the parade as well.
Two . Serenaded by an orchestra salute Army usually done annually . Abstained this year
Lifeguard is
Military unit whose job security and give the glory to God is the King Her Majesty. Queen regent to the throne . And royalty all before him in closer. Only Infantry Regiment 1st Guards . It is known only that Courtier Royal Guards Corps Guards As a unit, having served the king as closely as possible.
(The word " Royal Guards ", this translated to a close , familiar , beloved of the king) .
Thongchai , Thongchai Patrick or Patrick .
Flag as military units to be received from the King. Chai Chalerm is the most sacred of the military. In honor of the military itself. As time went to war All soldiers must keep their unit with Chai Chalerm 's life. Chai Chalerm so is the mettle of all ranks . To fight the enemy to slam back.
Treating Chai Chalerm every step. Must be based on clearance Pattern placed strict regulations . The opportunity to invite Chai Chalerm is stationary. Formalities have to be sensitive about his honor and reputation , such as his military oath ceremony . And go to war , etc.
Type Thongchai chalermpol
One .Thongchai chalermpol army
Two . Thongchai chalermpol Navy
Three . Thongchai chalermpol Air force
Four . Chai Chalerm 's Guards Corps .

















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