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Myths salute (1Arty.Bn.)

The salute is customary in all civilized countries. Has upheld inherited from ancient times. In order to show respect to the national flag, or a person by firing cannon with humus. No smoke or soil I have a number of criteria appropriate to the honor. Or what should respect that.
The word " salute " that derives from the word "Salutio" in Latin beginning of the customary salutation this was said in ancient ships that travel across oceans over long distances need to be there. preserve the cannons on the ship. And it must be contained in barrel of gunpowder beforehand to prepare in case of an emergency. But when she moved to the port of the ship , the need to make a trade must artillery packed, but the powder is gone, to show good faith that a friend not an enemy since then it has emerged as . salute to tradition In order to show respect between hosts and visitors . As a tradition, the ship passed later.

Originally the salute tradition has set out a number of shooting at 7 shots, which at the time of the European continent is a good number. I believe the Bible I considered God created the world in 7 days, or why the current one , that the frigates each ship with cannon per aircraft 7 cylinder has to fire to clear out all cylinders , each one shots and also has tradition continues. that When vessels have shot with the owner of 7 shots of artillery fort of national , port , thus requiring a response out to be 3 times which is 21 shots later it was getting to renegotiate should provide both. 21 shots fired in a number of sides equal with England 's first national rules to put a 21 gun salute , and was regarded as the successor to the International Covenant . To honor the national and the king of that country.

As appears by the evidence On the first salute in the reign of King Narai the Great. Which are mentioned in the chronicles French frigate French title Le Vau Tour has traveled to Norwich to Fort George yen . (Fort Vichai Prasit present ) in Bangkok . Renaud neck Manuel Captain was told to ask the court to ask Ayutthaya salute honor of Siam. Failure of the court to do King Narai the Great , and sent out the Holy War. ( Comments Renaud de Fort Worth Bank commissioned the French ), the treatment of the fort at that time. Allowed to salute the French Later, at the end of the reign of King Narai . His Majesty the King is the new Phetracha . He did not favor France Therefore making customary salutation was canceled. But most This customary salutation Has started to revive again in the reign of King Mongkut , Rama the fourth time to welcome Sir John Light Touring British High Commissioner in the year 2398.

Artillery Battalion 1 treatment , he organized the first troop artillery salute . Salute step Light Artillery Regiment trajectory using a 4 -cylinder 80 75 mm cannon , which improve the adaptation of the production of the company Cabo Ford Sweden entered the artillery brigade on a year by 2480 . fires the rhythm of the anthem of 21 shots ? Initially the salute in Thailand has not , however , rule, or regulation . Recently, a new regulation to salute at the end of the reign of the fifth on 2448 called " regulations on Rs 125 salute " is divided into two categories, namely the royal salute . And firing salutes in honor of civil servants. But the reign of the sixth Lord graciously salute the newly enacted Decree is to salute Rs 131 ( 2455 ) requires a minimum number of guns with barrels up to 4 cylinders . 120 mm prohibit shooting from sunset till sunrise. Categorized into 3 types salute .
- There are two types of royal salutes salutes salutes Royal Standard has a total of 21 shots and 101 shots with lots of extra capital (later in the reign of the seventh to save ammunition . I can not give a special salute ) .
- Official salute
- International salutes

Decree salute Rs 131 ( 2455 ) 2483 was canceled when the salute tradition has to end there. But when World War 2 was ended , the government has invoked the traditional salute them. Which began its first debut on 5 December 2491 on the birthday ceremony of this reign. So they inherit from the traditional salute to this day. Defined by the regulations as follows. - ( Rs 131 similarly royal salute ) Squadron , which is responsible for firing salutes . Only when the ivory one salutation to use guns more than two cylinders usually restricted to salute during the period from sunset soccer Khot until the flag is 8 hours, except the extra words. Over time, the Ministry of Defence
The word " royal salute " means that the salute is 21 rounds .
The term " special royal salute " means a salute with 101 shots and be done . When ordered by the Ministry of Defence. Artillery Battalion 1 guard, is a unit of the Army salute by the 1st Regiment Artillery . This updated adaptation of artillery production company Bo Ford, Sweden entered the artillery brigade of the year 2480 , which will salute the usual rite or ceremony by various states . usually in one -year cycles will be shot four times as follows : - 1 ) royal coronation ceremony may 5 every year.
2 ) birthday Queen August 12
                This two-day schedule will be shot simultaneously, 3rd Army in the 1200 clock strikes 21 .
3 ) their oath and parade of the guard was done on December 3 of each year since 2540 .
The ceremony was moved to action on Dec. 2 , according to the anthem sound and salute him respect in steps of 21 shots .
4 ) birthday on December 5 shooting rhythm anthem of 21 shots .




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