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Historical Artillery Regiment 1st Guards .

The Foundation Day : 6th February every year.
In Buddhist era 2395 King Mongkut ordered. Gather the troops of armed men, guns, spears, original designs . Treat him as division of Europe. And ordered to the Artillery Volunteers Vietnamese newly substitutes for the volunteers Yuan was transferred to the viceroy soldiers , both armed with Kgahlwgedim which is to put heart was commanding the ruler of Phraya Burut Ratana Wallop (. Peng Pensakul ) and Phraya Pichai ( Kid ) in this same year that he has raised the troops home . ( 21st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Battalion find nowadays) before other units. In order to perform duties in the suppression of crime districts . And by in convoy to pass .

- In Buddhist era 2397 to garrison the unit is established . Wang Siege Regiment (Origins of Artillery Regiment 1st Guards) , which has gathered a force of soldiers who had been trained in France as well. , He ordered The Department of Shiva Vilas thousand Amehsyrn Chin Commanding
- Buddhist era 2397 King Mongkut . He graciously gave Maj. Gen. Chai Phraya Decho Siharat . Which has been positioned as the major deities simple style creates the power ( in Ironwood ) as Commander Artillery until Buddhist era 2444 ( organized by the British Royal Artillery . Rate a battery)
- Buddhist era 2450 has been accompanied by the establishment of a separate Artillery Regiment up. Both in Bangkok and upcountry Especially in Bangkok Established a military unit called " Artillery Regiment 1" , which is the first to determine the number and later in the same year has been designated as a guard. According to the story , dubbed Iuttnatikar Capitol Squadron 263/18068 on February 6, 2450 and was in command of the 1st Corps Guards along.

Pra Subin Bandan Guns of those A small cannon loaded ammunition can be shot consecutively in rapid succession by Rama 4 has designed and built byPra Subin ( dream) so-called " Pra Subin Bandan guns ," which is regarded as the example . one to show that King Mongkut had pity . Military Artillery greatly.

- Buddhist era 2475 has been newly revised Army at that time. Artillery Regiment 1st Guards were disbanded and transformed into Artillery Battalion 1st Guards battalion and artillery against Sun Defense Vehicle 1 and transferred Artillery Battalion 3 (later regimental guns. large 1 and 2 artillery Battalion artillery Battalion 11th Guards finally ) comes up with the supervisors on Buddhist era 2490.
- Buddhist era 2497 to improve government operations , which cannon since Buddhist era 2498 , has been assisting the Government of the United States. Artillery Military Affairs has been enhanced by the DOD . Extra 17/4056 to 16 Feb 2497 at about the first Artillery Regiment with the regimental commanders, artillery , he served as the first treatment . artillery commander of the 1st Brigade with simultaneously, he graciously . Establishment of units , artillery units as old guard . Units , including direct supervisors, who also never been established before with the 11th Artillery Battalion Guards ( Army Commands . The 40/18401 to 1 Sep 2498) .
- Current Artillery Regiment 1st Guards are located at No. 4 Road, Bangkok. Road , Dusit, Bangkok Artillery Battalion 1st Guards Division is located at the site of the Department of the Artillery Battalion , 11 Guards (11Arty.Bn) located at Tambon Tha Muang Khae in Lopburi . And Artillery Battalion 31 Guards (31Arty.Bn) located. Khao Phra Ngam Muang Lopburi.

A uniform treatment Him



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